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10 Places You Can’t Go in Melbourne

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Sometimes, there are great places in a city that are banned, restricted, hidden, lost, mythical, or simply don’t want your kind of folk. Here’s the Top 10.

Here’s why you can’t go to these places in Melbourne …
[SECTION]You’re not influential enough[/SECTION]

1. The Australian Club

The Australian Club is a social club that is by invitation only. It is located at 110 William Street in the city. Your best chance at entry may be to enter with a member, and be spoiled by the luxurious surroundings, fine cuisine and outstanding service.

[SECTION]You’re not rich enough[/SECTION]

2. Club 23 at Crown Towers

Australia’s most exclusive nightclub may just be Club 23 in Crown Towers. A cocktail was sold here earlier this year for $12,500. After a big night, you can retire to your
1000 square metre villa for $27,500.

[SECTION]You’re not crazy enough[/SECTION]

3. Swimming in the Lower Yarra

The water between Bolte Bridge and the bridge at Gipps Street in Collingwood are prohibited to swimmers, expect for designated events with a permit. Unless you are part of Moomba, on the long weekend in March, swimming is off limits.

4. Westgate Bridge on a Bicycle

Cyclists are prohibited from using the bridge. Exceptions are made for charity events like MS Summer Cycle and Around the Bay in a Day.

[SECTION]You don’t have a time machine[/SECTION]

5. Studley Park Bridge

The bridge that was used to cross the Yarra River at Abbotsford costs a penny, but was demolished in 1899.

6. Hampton High School

Hampton High School was on Ludstone Street, but was closed in 1988. The site is now filled with upmarket townhouses. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as the area is home to several high quality public and private schools still.

[SECTION]You don’t have the keys[/SECTION]

7. Manchester Unity Building Rooftop Terrace

There is a gothic building at 91 Swanston Street that was constructed in 1932. A great way to see the rooftop terrace, the boardroom, and the rooftop entertainment area is to get on the list for Melbourne Open House.

8. Russell Street Substation

There is a substation underground between Little Collins Street and Bourke Street, built in 1929. There is a DC room, switch rooms and transformers. Unless you are a specialised electrician this is likely to be off limits. However, this building is also open during the Melbourne Open House weekend held annually.

[SECTION]You’re not special enough[/SECTION]

9. Secrety Dining Society

This monthly event is for a small group of people selected by ballot. Venues switch between cellars, private homes, and other creative locations. Expect 4-course meals with wines, and bring plenty of cash.

10. Mensa in Melbourne

Mensa is the high IQ society. To qualify for membership to Mensa, you’ll need an IQ score that is in the top 2 per cent of the Australian population. Give it a go, you never know.


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